There are many IT companies in France who are focusing on hosting business.

The big ones I know include: OVH,, Gandi, Netim, Scaleway.

I have used the services from OVH, Gandi and Netim. Gandi has good reputation on its domain registration and email hosting. While OVH behaves worse on the user experience. Their control panel is hard to use. Netim behaves well between these two.

The IT companies in German like to make email systems.

The well known email platforms include:,, GMX,,,,,,

Though Germany has its own hosting industry too, such as 1&1, Strato, Contabo, but they are not as well known as the FR ones.

Netherlands, which is close to German, has big hosting providers. For example, Liteserver and Leaseweb, they are the big IDCs even on the world.

I used a lot of products from all the three countries mentioned above. Each has advantages and disadvantages. To choose which depeonds on your requirement. For instance, Gandi has the good online product, but their price is not cheap. OVH has cheap price, but their product just sucks.

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