I asked a question on ChatGPT who gave the answer that is so correct and instant.

 Q:  Please help generate a systemd configuration for Debian linux

A: Sure, here's an example of a systemd configuration file for a Debian Linux service:

Description=My Service



In this example, replace `My Service` with the name of your service, and `/usr/bin/my-service` with the path to your service's executable.

Save this file with a `.service` extension, for example, `my-service.service`, and place it in the `/etc/systemd/system` directory.

Then, enable the service using the following command:

systemctl enable my-service.service

This will cause the service to start automatically at boot time.

You can start, stop, and restart the service using the following commands:

systemctl start my-service.service
systemctl stop my-service.service
systemctl restart my-service.service

You can also view the logs of the service using the following command:

journalctl -u my-service.service

This will show the logs for your service.

As you see ChatGPT is so wonderful. I guess it will make most of our programmers and Ops to lose their jobs.

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