I saw many domains which are long enough in their char size. Such as these ones:

Network Solutions

Stack Overflow

Stack Exchange

Tutorials Point

Average Linux User

Linux Questions

Geeks for Geeks

Alibaba Cloud

Computer Networking Notes

Even in mobile times, the long domains make no sense. Because most of the common sites, the traffic were gotten from the search engines.

I especially like reading these sites:

Hacker News

The next platform

Hacker noon

But I never tried to remember their domain names, just keep them in the browser bookmarks.

Length is not that important, but a good name makes readers have deep impression. For the domains above, I think geeksforgeeks.org is really a good domain, I can think of it easily. If this domain has become to g4g.org, even though it is short now, but I won't remember it.

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