With the helps of docker, we can make an image to have all needed perl packages installed, and run this image from everywhere.

Here I give a basic sample for building a docker for perl development.

Say the project name is "gmbox", which uses a special package Gmail::Mailbox::Validate to work.

First we create a dir named as "gmbox", and put Dockerfile under this dir.

 $ mkdir gmbox
$ touch gmbox/Dockerfile

The next step we want to edit Dockerfile and put the following content into it.

 FROM perl

LABEL maintainer=@pyh

RUN apt update && apt install -y cpanminus && cpanm Gmail::Mailbox::Validate

Here are the comments to Dockerfile above.

In the RUN section, we run apt to install cpanminus firstly, then install Gmail::Mailbox::Validate via cpanminus.

The next step we want to run "docker build" for buiding that image.

 $ docker build -t gmbox gmbox

Here -t specify the name for docker image, the last argument points to the dir which has Dockerfile included.

After successful building we will see the output:

---> 111b725bb261
Successfully built 111b725bb261
Successfully tagged gmbox:latest

Hence we can list the image just built:

 $ docker image ls
gmbox latest 111b725bb261 About a minute ago 921MB

How to run this docker image? Let's make a script and put it into "bin" dir under current dir.

 $ cat bin/gmbox.pl 
use Gmail::Mailbox::Validate;
use strict;

my $username = shift || die "$0 username\n";

my $v = Gmail::Mailbox::Validate->new();
print $v->validate($username) ? "$username exists\n" : "$username not exists\n";

Finally we run this script using the docker image.

 $  docker run -v `pwd`:/home gmbox perl /home/bin/gmbox.pl johnsmart
johnsmart exists

$ docker run -v `pwd`:/home gmbox perl /home/bin/gmbox.pl johndoe
johndoe not exists

The -v option maps current dir (`pwd`) to docker's /home dir. So the script's path in docker is "/home/bin/gmbox.pl".

And the running results are printed out to screen.

All done with this way.

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